Department of Business Economics and Production Management

Department of Business Economics and Production Management was established in 1965, as a separate department. And then during a long period it remained the only higher school in the field of professional personnel training in Nikolaev region. It means that citizens celebrate the 45th birthday of the economic education together with the NUS anniversary. Names, leaders, generations of staff and instructors changed over decades. Scientific and pedagogic authority, specialty popularity, which has trained thousands of experts, who are known in our city and abroad remained unshakeable. The Department of Sea Economics, leading workers of which obtained scientific and teaching experience economic “departments”, started its dynamic development from this source.

Five instructors have the degree of Doctor of Economic Sciences and academic title of professor, five instructors are candidate of Sciences, associated professors. The head of the department is А.P. Hurchenkov, who is the distinguished worker of the education of Ukraine. 17 manuals (even those, which are recommended by the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Ukraine) and more than 30 study guides were published owing to our instructors.

The following disciplines: work standardization and organization, marketing, foreign economic activity, innovations economics and management, economic diagnostics, pricing are urgent in the curriculum of the “Economics of Enterprise” specialty, where future state establishments mangers, politicians, scientists and instructors of institutes of higher education study. The centers of the department’s research work are scientific libraries: “Economic problems of small (medium) enterprises” and “Economic problems of estimation and planning intensification and efficiency of industrial enterprises”. Their workers (including talented masters and students) have published 12 monographs and more than 250 articles in specialized periodical editions since 2005. They contain the results of efficient cooperation with 20 enterprises of different forms of ownership, types of activities of industrial giants and small business. The results received are the basis for masters’ works, doctorate and other dissertations for obtaining the scientific level of a Candidate of Technical Sciences.

The department’s graduates are able to solve the most difficult problems with which the firms specialists face. Such firms want to confirm their opportunity to successfully participate in the competitive activity and to be able to face the continuous influence of the uncertainty factor: study goods and capital markets, market conditions, actions of competitors and intermediaries; analyze the strengths and weaknesses of business investments, introduce new technologies, plan economic development, implement the program of productivity and marketing enhancement, optimize the forms of production organization for the competitive products, use the computer as a tool for storage, processing and exchange of technical and economic information.