Department of Finance

From 2001 educational programs on bachelors training in the direction «Department of Finance» and specialists in the direction «Finance» are taught by the department «Finance». Organization and scientific and methodological support is provided by high-skilled creative enthusiastic specialists in this field. No wonder 77% of the teaching staff have scientific degrees and academic status, among which 22% are Doctors of Science, professors. The majority accumulated rich and diverse practical experience on enterprises, in financial and governmental institutions, consulting firms. Their knowledge and skills found their realization on 50 methodical recommendations, 20 educational textbooks, among which 7 are recommended to use in educational process by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The head of the department is V.N.Parsyak, doctor of economic science, professor.

Graduates confidently walk their road armed with fundamental knowledge of theory and practical operation of companies’ finance, money and credit, banking, taxation, insurance, gain skills of professional control and audit, accounting and analysis of the stock market, marketing and financial management. They are invited to planning and economic, organizational, management, analytical and research positions at industrial enterprises of diverse ownership forms, in non-production sphere: financial-credit and insurance institutions, investment funds, State Tax Administration, Treasury. Many graduates teach in higher educational institutions.

One of the main goals of scientific and educational laboratory which works under the direction of candidate of economic science, associate professor, G.K.Rogov is successive gaining of professional business skills by the students. Practical, seminar.

Practical, seminars, laboratory classes, research, independent study students, distance education, business games and role-playing, simulation of financial situations is not the full list of areas of productive activity. Positive in this context is the Cooperation Program between NUOS and Nikolaev regional administration Privat Bank conducted by the department.

Employers of finance consulting services take part in this program by executing management orders of numerous enterprises and organizations. Particular attention should be paid to cooperation with National Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine. One of its important implications is a Corporate Governance Centre which will work in Nikolaev henceforth.