Department of Accounting and Auditing

The creative staff of the department of accounting and economic analysis was separated in the structure of the Faculty on impetuous border of the centuries in 1999. High professional level, successes and achievements – all that is the result of laborious and dedicated work of many people: teachers, scientists, who work here and continue commenced activities along with their leader, candidate of economic science, associate professor, E.V. Pogorelova.

Two of their ranks are doctors of economic science, professors, 8 are candidates of economic science, associate professors. And all of them are very talented and interesting personalities. It should be noted that the majority of teaching staff of the department are its graduates. It explains friendly atmosphere, mood for creative achievements, mutual help, and respectful attitude to the students as to future colleagues.

Consequences are obvious: 10 year history saw successful defenses of 8 candidates of economic science and more than 600 graduates received diplomas in specialty “Accounting and Auditing”.

Academic plans, working programs for bachelors, specialist and masters training (developed on the basis of the international experience and accounting standards), were highly estimated by ours and foreign experts. Providing with textbooks, manuals, educational and methodological materials, which were prepared by the leading specialists is one the most important component of the educational process organization. Thorough competitive selection initiated at the university, allows the well prepared applicants from almost all regions of Ukraine enter the university according to the chosen specialty. The modern youth is interested in the newest economic knowledge; professional training and intellectual improving. All necessary conditions were created for them: material and technical basis - specialized classrooms, methodological laboratories, computer hardware and software. So there is no doubt that the department is known not only in our country but also abroad. The department is proud of its successful graduates, who are the leaders of accounting and analytical services of the different companies and enterprises, the founders and employees of the audit firms. Our students annually win prizes at different contests and competitions all over Ukraine.

Accounting is not only universal language of business, it is art, all its beauty is not always obvious to an outside observer, but fully disclosed to the initiated. Accounting should provide accurate, objective, and relevant information for the all users effectively. Profession of accountant requires extraordinary talent and patience. However, those who mastered it are given a special gift for seeing through the rows of slender figures the complex world of economy in its relationships and harmony. It is difficult to overestimate the role, which accounting staff play, meeting all the information needs at all levels of management, ensuring the adoption of adequate management decisions in the rapid business environment.