Department of Economics

Transformations, which took place in Ukraine, put on the agenda of urgent task the determination of effective means, to identify the shortest ways for establishment of civilized market relations, formation of humanity oriented economy, which would combine the advantages of market freedom with social responsibility. So we can determine the place in learning process of the economics experts’ creative team. Its history goes back far in 1964, when from the structure of Marxism-Leninism Foundations Department it was separated independent unit with the task to spread knowledge of basic economics. Students were offered a wide range of updated and modern disciplines: Political Economy, Economics, Micro-, and Macroeconomics, History of Economy and Economic Thoughts, Regional Economics, National Economics, International Economics, International Economic Relations, Government Regulation.

Acquired knowledge open for each individual special ways for understanding of the social life patterns, create a solid foundation for further professional growth and development of highly skilled economists, accountants, financiers, managers, who are receiving their higher education at the Engineering and Economics Faculty at Institutes of Distant and Postgraduate Education. We pay a great deal of attention to students of other specialties of the University; a special course "Economic theory" is prepared for them.

The determining factor for the successful achievement of these goals is a fertile fusion of productive experience of the faculty and innovative thinking of the talented young people. More than 50% of them are the

Candidates of Economic Sciences. The head of Department is candidate of economic science A.V. Efimova. 30 methodological materials and recommendations in all disciplines have been prepared and effectively used in educational process with the help of the hardworking team.

The desire to get the secrets of economic processes is due not only for self-knowledge and penetration in the deep universe. Another driving force is the practical need to control events that occur in real economy.

Results obtained only in recent years give us the causes for optimism:

- two former graduates of the NUS, who brilliant defended their Phd thesis, belong to a cohort of highly qualified scientists;

- offered methodologies and proposals gained recognition of top management of the Black Sea region leading industrial companies;

- total number of the published articles in professional journals, materials of the national and international scientific and practical conferences exceeded eight dozen.